Redeployed to US

About the author.

Joined the US Army in Jan 2007. Completed Basic Combat Training at Fort Knox, KY. Completed Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Gordon, GA as a Signal Support System Specialist (MOS: 25U).  I was stationed at Fort Polk, LA with 4th Brigade – 10th Mountain.  Completed one combat tour in Iraq from Nov 2007 to Jan 2009.

Currently I work as an Automation Engineer (RPA Developer) creating bot’s to assist people by creating bots to take over the repetitive tasks, thus freeing up the employee(s) to focus on other work. I am currently blogging on this site part-time and hope I can do it full-time by 2021.

My personal mindset is, “When you stop learning, you stop growing.”  You should always try to out preform yourself in whatever you do.