If you’ve been looking for a way to create an instant internet business and gain a huge army of instant affiliates to sell hot products you didn’t even create, read on! You should read this article~~

Be known by your own web domain (en)
  1. Dominate ClickBank by buying resell rights!
    1). Purchase resale rights to an ebook or other products you want to promote
    2). Register a new domain name related to your product’s name or content!
    3). Upload your sales page to your server and run your sale site! (Many PLR products’ authors supply you with pre-written sales copy and you should make some tweaks!)
    4). Create an enticing affiliate page to get people excited about promoting a product, including certain features to make it an offer any affiliate couldn’t refuse
    5). Submit your affiliate pages to the “correct directories” and emailed a list you had letting them know about the affiliate opportunity.
    6). The Results = Money
  2. Dominate ClickBank by using Google Adwords!
    1). Searches Clickbank for appropriate products to promote that pay acceptable commissions.
    2). Log into your Google Adwords account and started researching keywords to promote products as affiliates. The secret is to choose the best converting keywords
    3). Start testing different ad copy for each campaign. Remember Google rewards advertisers for having a high Click Thru rate so always test ad copy. The better the click rate the less you pay for advertising!
    4). Watch the sales roar in and keep a careful watch on advertising spending and profit earned per sale of each product.
    5). When you have successfully set up a campaign, Move on to the next one and replicate the process UNLIMITED TIMES.
    6). The Results = Money

Way 3: Dominate ClickBank by using JV!
1). For your product, build an opt-in list and customer base of people who had purchased the product
2). Searched the Clickbank marketplace and looked for a product to promote that you feel was suited to the list.
3). Double Swap & Profit Method about to commence, contact the owners of the products you have found in step2
4). The Clickbank JV Letter is VERY IMPORTANT. Its basic elements say:

“Hi, I’ve found your product over at and think I could sell quite a few units as an affiliate. “I own a product at and wondered if you would be interested in promoting my product.”

You will be surprised by how many product owners are open to this kind of offer. It means you are making money as an affiliate AND receiving sales for your own product. Double the profit!

5). The Results = Money

In fact, what I’ve talked about is just a part of what is contained in “Dominating Clickbank.”

Funnel! Don’t forget the funnel!

Many people that promote a product on ClickBank will often just send traffic to their affiliate link and not catch the end user’s email. If you don’t have a way to capture the email, you will not be able to either retarget the product to them, perhaps in a use case or explain it differently, So it is always best to send the traffic through a funnel so you can do this. This will be a great way to ensure that you can make a sale for your ClickBank product.

Want to try this approach with a free funnel builder? I would recommend Systeme.IO

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If you need any help with setting up a funnel on Systeme.IO, just leave a comment below and I’ll reach out to you and we can tackle it together. Don’t worry, first time help will be free for the day.