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The way that TikTok handles new posts is very powerful. They push new videos to up to 200 people’s ‘For You’ page then if enough people like it, they continue to push to more viewers. This will give you the potential to create “viral” videos that can lead to more traffic to your website or blog posting. The key will be to remain consistent. Create a strategy for generating recurring video content that will help you encourage new visitors. One of TikTok’s ingenious features is that you can spend time on your “viral” videos. For example, if your video generates 25,000 views, you can spend additional time creating a video that aims to reach a different audience, such as beginners, seasoned dancers, corporate style, or nature. You can even widen the scope and add a video or story to Cozmo if you want. Any content can generate views. The key is letting TikTok rate that video and share how valuable the video is and encourage people to “like” it. The ranking you get from having a high number of likes is what will decide whether new viewers will come to your page or video. When in doubt, always like new posts.
Here’s what TikTok has to say about creating content on their platform https://tiktok.com/blog/how-to-enter-the-competitive-market-of-tikTok

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As creators on TikTok, it’s essential that we always be thinking about what else our audience wants to see. It’s paramount that we are constantly engaged in conversation and conversation encourages user engagement.

A good TikTok strategy is to upload a new video on the same topic every day or try to catch viewers’ attention before they get bored of watching. To help you make more TikToks you can use these tactics:
The key to making social media user behavior change is to make them miss out on an opportunity to post almost daily on TikTok. Let’s say you like taking salsa lessons and want to find a specific video to share with your followers. TikTok doesn’t show any videos if the creator doesn’t publish more in the last 30 days. (as someone who publishes one new video per day)
To get followers to fall into your funnel you can use tools like StoryOrigin. It creates a calendar like on the left. Here’s the calendar for the last 30 days. On the right side of the calendar is an option “Share This Story”. You can share stories that you saw or created direct to your followers on TikTok, follow-my-tool- creators, comes out on top. There are over 100 Vine creators on this platform to follow. Use the hashtags #Vine and #Vinespirit when reposting. The metrics you can track depending on how tall the post is that you share could be likes (+ 1 for every 1000), comments, shares and even wheels. Below is a story I shared that got 700 likes in 30 days, that you can repost on TikTok using hashtags #VineSpirit and #Vinespirit alongside a #storyorigins hashtag to track your post’s growth.

It took me over a month of trying to find a new video posting strategy to find this one. I was not consistently posting more videos and breaking barriers. Then a funny video popped up about Black Friday deals on the internet. I just happened to see it and took a photo of the window that viewers would come through. I was more than happy to see that most people might check out the window if they were driving or just passing by the window above the store. While I was straightforward about not reacting on TikTok I wanted the distribution to come from my creativity. People came from my TikTok posting window to a brand website and it’s optimized content way better then I could have ever imagined. I ended up doubling my followers. Adding the hashtag #BLM deals gave the creator’s name AND the store location. While driving you will never have any presence to get into a hashtag but there is always almost always people that are browsing as that is their primary form of transportation.

Make sure should the hot video find it’s audience and if not, quickly shut it down. It’s also very important to have enough videos for everyone, there’s no advantage even posting the same video on TikTok 20 times in a row. There are a couple of bonus tips that can make your videos reach more people: If posting your video directly on TikTok is something that you’re considering doing, TikTok recommends uploading to multiple platforms. You can choose to have different hashtags to help make the video discoverable or have a variety of reposts for different parts of your content.. effectively making sure that it’s discovered. But there are quite a few things to consider before you do this. Here are a few tips on using your videos on social media: An ad that is targeted to specific people on your targeted app can lead to a great video due to its context. This is especially helpful as people are busy and don’t scan content or hashtags. Indexing CPM is determined by a several factors again including the video’s length and it’s quality. The better your video is optimized for social media posts, the higher your video’s CPM is going to be. It’s critical that your video doesn’t just look great or feature well on TikTok. Innovative and unique content is what the platform is all about.

The success of your TikTok video is a combination of how tight your timing is, as well as the message for the video and the content of the video. It’s common for people to spend as much as 30 minutes watching a video ad or several videos of the same type within a day. Well, depending on the content of your TikTok video and it’s timing, it may not have as much impact. But it is important not to get distracted by this point. Just because it’s viral, doesn’t mean the impact of your video isn’t valuable. The key in creating your video is to ensure the timing is perfect as well as the right kind of content is included.
One thing that all brands and photographers need to consider is the use of keywords when posting on TikTok. TikTok is full of keywords to help users find videos quickly. Make sure that you include as many relevant keywords in your Instagram caption or caption of your TikTok video as you can, this will bring it increased exposure and increase the likelihood that it ranked in the top position of trending videos. For Instagram, hashtags are extremely important. It can increase engagement.”


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