How to Find the Best Online Prices Using Microsoft Edge: 5 Methods That Really Work

Savvy online shoppers know that the best deals can be found with a bit of extra research. But how do you track down the best online prices? Whether you're looking for a deal on laptops or looking to further sweeten the deal on a pre-released device, one of these 5 methods will help you find the best online prices using Microsoft Edge.

1. Compare and contrast

When it comes to content, you need to be able to continually keep your audience interested and coming back. One way to do this is to compare and contrast the differences and similarities between two or more things. This can be two different products, two different versions of the same product, or two different topics within the same topic. A good example of using a product comparison is comparing the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. If there were two phones that were roughly similar, they could each serve as the best option. Every time I visit my phone comparison page in Edge I can hover over one of the iPhone versions or compare both phones and see which is cheaper.
How can you use product comparisons to find the best price on a product? Decide which differences you want to highlight in your product comparison and then highlight those differences in the product comparison itself.

Another great option is to use product price checker websites like Amazon’s Price Match. Amazon prices certain items that are similar to each other, and by comparing prices between your product and an item on Amazon, you can find the best price on the item you’re trying to buy. You can use the product comparison feature on Edge to get a price check for an item.

Another use of Amazon’s Price Match is if you were thinking about purchasing something and you don’t really want it. Instead of buying the item anyway, you can use Price Match to buy something similar for a cheaper price.

You can also compare and contrast two or more similar items to see which one you should buy. This is another way to use product comparisons to find the best prices. Decide which comparisons you want to highlight in your list and what you want to compare them to.

Another thing you can do is to compare two things using a test. For example, say you wanted to see how similar the noise canceling feature on AirPods are to the noise canceling feature on Beats Solo Pro.

2. Use your browser for price comparison

Download App: For those looking to save storage space in Chrome, come to the market with a few tabs open. Firstly, avoid sticky Chrome shortcuts that use up space on your desktop. Secondly, make your tabs up and organize them. This will help organize your search and save you time in the process. Lastly, download the Google sheet. It can be found here.

Google Sheet: Another popular way to pinpoint the best deal on devices online is by using the Google sheet. While Chrome does have a built-in AMP browser,; it is also possible to keep your search engine handy using the Google sheet to find the best. Simply download the sheet here.

Price Comparison: When looking for the best deal on new smartphones, it can be quite difficult to determine one due to the many different models of each manufacturer. By using Google’s Price Comparison function, you can easily spot the best deals on a device and compare them myself. Simply download the sheet here to use to compare all the best deals on all the devices to prompt you with the best one.

Smartphone Review Sites: Do you find it hard to sift through all the reviews on a car buying website? Using the Reddit AMP converter, you can use this to find out which Reddit websites are the best for your product. Not only will this allow you to save time, it will also let you find the best deals online. Download the AMP converter here.
Visit Device Resellers: Looking for that great price on a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone or OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone? You can usually find the best around by visiting a reseller in your area.

3. Check out the competition

When you’re starting out, it’s good to take a look at what the competition is doing so you can get an idea of what’s working and what’s not. That way, you can avoid doing the same things they’re doing and instead create your own unique style and voice.
A search engine is made up of thousands of pages that link back to one another. That’s why being able to create your own is such a powerful tool. Not only is it a lot more efficient, but it reveals the most relevant information to your search as well.
Taking time to build solutions usefully that make use of information from your search is a great way to identify better deals. And that’s what Microsoft has you covered with Microsoft Edge.

If you look at the search bar in Microsoft Edge when you search for a product, you’ll see the five filter options available.

Two of the first things you can do, by far, are to filter out products that have shipping and handling fees and to filter out purchases of new by year.

The latter is quite important since you may find a pre-order that looks great but turns out to be a fake. Either way, using these filters will stop you from seeing numerous products at once and spoil your experience.

When you search for a laptop, Microsoft certainly has you covered with the three filter options for main features like processor, storage, and additional features.
Being able to organize different items by category is a proven way to find the best price for various products and bundle them together for a better overall deal.
One of the best ways to do this is by heading to the Category view and then either unchecking everything or filtering based on the features you need. This will give you the best possible bundle for your needs.

Similarly, when you search for hardware, Microsoft gives you a choice of three filtering options.

4. Find out if you’re getting a good deal or not

When you’re buying a good or a service, you want to feel like you’re getting a good deal, but how do you know if you’re getting the best deal? A great rule of thumb is to shop around and get quotes from several different providers. Browsing around various pricing sites, you may find a price that’s even better than the one you decided to buy at. If you’re absolutely set on buying a certain product, finding products that contain similar or identical features can help.

One of the best areas to start when looking for these kinds of savings is using the brand price comparison tool. The Microsoft Edge browser has a built-in feature called price comparison that helps you find the best price on a product based on an upcoming discount. It also finds price comparisons among brand-name products (better products are included in the comparison, while cheaper or less well-known options are excluded). You can even hover your mouse over links for more information, and the tool updates the price on the selected item as you hover over it.


Using a search feature like autocomplete, you can also filter the results to find the best product deals and cheapest prices online. Simply take advantage of the smart autocomplete and online search feature in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Hours after an online sale or promotion ends, there’s a good chance that inventory is scooped up by online retailers and manufacturers. You can find out how to find the best offer by checking back on sites like Overstock, and compare the prices with Amazon and other competitor sites, but remember: You don’t need to get a physical copy of an item to be eligible for the sale. One of the best methods for tracking down the best offers and saving money is to use websites like Best Buy’s Price Comparison.

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a pop-up TV speakers at a reduced price from a fellow shopper, be sure to check out Craigslist’s classified advertising section.

5. Use Microsoft Edge’s “Looking for a deal” feature to find the best online prices

There are a few ways to use Microsoft Edge to find the best online prices. The first is to use the “Looking for a deal” feature. You can find it in the top right corner of the browser. At a glance, you can see which websites have the best deals on a specific product, present them as bullet points on the left side, and preview every product at once without a compromise.

This feature may not come in handy if you shop frequently at Amazon or Best Buy, but when your distraction level is low, this tool can help you get the best deal on a new device. Not only does it present you with a list of deal sites, but you can also narrow your search down to a specific time frame or region.

Another option is to use the news feature. Press the three-dot icon in the top right and go to the contextual menu. From here, click on the downward-pointing arrow next to “Search the Web for the Best Deals.”

As you type in the search term (e.g. Best deals laptops in UK), Microsoft Edge will present you with a list of the best sites that are offering sales or low prices on that specific product at that time. Instead of limiting your search to a specific time frame, you can now view every deal on laptops as you type.

This feature isn’t as thorough as the other methods, but it does help narrow down your search. Essentially, there is a checklist at the bottom that you can use to narrow your search. When you’re done, press the button in the top right to return to the Cortana search.

These are two ways of finding super-discounted deals on laptops, either at a big-name online retailer or smaller sites. There are a ton of sites, but Microsoft Edge makes it easy to find the best prices.
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