Incentives In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the most effective means today of conducting Internet marketing for an online business. The affiliates create a buzz for the online business, and the products are promoted to thousands of Internet users. This is why an online business should have an affiliate marketing program as part of its marketing strategy.

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To establish an affiliate marketing program, the online businessman needs to accomplish two steps. First, he should recruit as many affiliates as possible. The more affiliates, the more promotion for the products. And the more promotion, the more sales. Second, the online businessman should prepare promotional materials that must be sent to the affiliates.

When both steps are done, the businessman will find that his online company will have an increase in sales. Then, perhaps, the online businessman will just go with the flow and focus on product quality and product delivery. Or perhaps the online businessman can still push his sales further upward. How can this be possible?

All that an online businessman needs to do is to develop and provide incentives for his affiliates. Here are four recommendations for such incentives.

  1. Incentives for selling X worth of products within a limited period of time – The online businessman can offer cash incentives for affiliates who are able to convert their referrals into sales that reach a certain amount, perhaps $1500, within a certain period of time, perhaps within one month. When affiliates are aware of such an incentive, they will likely double their efforts so that they can meet the quota sales within the specified time frame.
  2. Incentives for selling seasonal products – The online businessman can also offer incentives to affiliates who are able to sell seasonal products or products that are offered only during certain periods of the year. The cash incentive will go to the affiliate who can sell the highest worth of seasonal products.
  3. Incentives for selling the highest worth of products during slow months – All online companies experience slow months. These are the times of the year when sales are alarmingly low. But this can be overcome when the online businessman can offer incentives to affiliates who are able to generate sales during these slow months.
  4. Additional commissions or bonuses for selling X worth of products – The online businessman can offer higher commissions to affiliates who are able to generate a specified amount of sales. That is, if the sales of the affiliate reach a certain bracket, the percentage of commission in the pay-per-sale set-up will be increased. This will encourage the affiliates to go for more sales.

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