5 Unconventional Strategies For Winning Mobile Game Player Engagement

The mobile gaming market is worth over $50 billion dollars a year. Industry analysts predict that this figure will double by 2021. That’s a lot of people downloading games and trying them out, but how many of those people are actually sticking around to play? For the game designers and developers who have poured their … Read more

5 Ways to Create Passive Income: Earning Money While You Sleep

One of the biggest challenges that early-stage entrepreneurs face is how to create a sustainable business. In this article, we’re going to look at 5 ways to create an evergreen passive income, and how building a solid foundation can help your business grow. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each model, as well … Read more

How to Find the Best Online Prices Using Microsoft Edge: 5 Methods That Really Work

Savvy online shoppers know that the best deals can be found with a bit of extra research. But how do you track down the best online prices? Whether you’re looking for a deal on laptops or looking to further sweeten the deal on a pre-released device, one of these 5 methods will help you find … Read more

How I Plan to Earn $10,000+/Month Freelancing / Affiliate Marketing By the End of 2021

Creating online content on a single platform is like sailing a ship, and you’re going super-fast, and all of a sudden even though you’re rowing exactly as hard, you haven’t changed your skills, but you still slow down. And then, wait, you’re not just slowing down, you’re actually sinking. And there’s nobody you can ask … Read more

Getting free traffic with TikTok

The way that TikTok handles new posts is very powerful. They push new videos to up to 200 people’s ‘For You’ page then if enough people like it, they continue to push to more viewers. This will give you the potential to create “viral” videos that can lead to more traffic to your website or … Read more

Facebook censorship is real!

This is a great start to undoing the unfair censorship on Facebook.  Having had posts removed by Facebook on my page, I for one am very excited to read this.  Here is a small taste of the source article. Children’s Health Defense, led by Robert F Kennedy Jr., has sued Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook INC, and three “fact-checkers” … Read more

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