One Lone Wolf

The wolf on the hill is always present.
It isn’t easy climbing the hill alone, even if you’re as hungry as the wolf.
However, if you keep going,  keep yourself faithful to yourself.

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In the end, it will be worthwhile.
The most difficult stroll you can do is the
It’s a walk you take on your own, but it’s a walk nonetheless.

That is what makes you the most powerful.
The walk that has the greatest impact on your character to all of you who are waging wars by yourself to all of you who are defying the odds-defying the critics, be strong, and keep going.

Continue to be strong.



This is a difficult walk.

However, the most difficult walks lead to the most rewarding destinations.
The most difficult climbs always lead to the most spectacular views. In the end, it WILL be worthwhile.

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