Simple tweaks I made to my to-do list that finally allowed me to breathe

Did you know that 41% of to-do items are never completed?

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I can definitely relate! For me, it’s more like 75%.

Luckily, I finally figured out that a big to-do list is not a direct path to getting more done.

In fact, it’s pretty suffocating!

Here’s what I’m doing now to give myself breathing room:

1- I only put a few things on my list. Instead of walking around with a laundry list of 40 to-do’s, I only list the things I’m focusing on this week.

2- Focus on one goal a day. That helps me avoid the trap of multitasking, which, if I’m being totally honest, never worked for me anyway! It only made me feel more scattered and overwhelmed.

3- Check my email 2x a day. Since I’ve stopped making my inbox my to-do list (you know you do it, too!), I get away more done. Most emails I receive have their own agenda, not mine. So I only check it once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

What’s your to-do list strategy? Share your tips!

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